Second baby shower

Second baby shower

A baby shower for a mother's second baby is often a party on thin ice. Read up on the proper way to throw a second baby shower!

Second baby shower

A long standing stigma against second baby showers is gradually fading. Here's the low down on throwing a hassle free party for baby #2!

The issue with a second baby shower boils down to gifting. Guests graciously gave baby gifts to mommy's first baby. Some guests might consider a second baby shower an attempt to fleece them of more onesies and baby bibs! This is easily avoided by requesting guests not bring gifts to the shower. Predominantly indicate this in your shower invites!

If you decide gifts are appropriate, indicate 'Gifts are optional' in your invites. This wording will best ensure some guests will not avoid the party!

Keep a second shower's focus on entertaining your guests. Of course this means different things for different crowds. Entertaining some showers might include chatting around a table. But for most celebrations, go with a fun baby shower theme and choose hysterical baby shower games!

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