Rainbow baby shower

Rainbow baby shower

A rainbow conjures up so many beautiful things. Add any combination of a rain shower, clouds, a pot of gold and rainbow colors to your baby shower!

Rainbow baby shower

Get ready to celebrate a new baby with the colors of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet! Rain or shine, it's always time for a rainbow baby shower.

Establish your theme with a rainbow, rainbow colors, clouds, rain, sun and a pot of gold. Since rainbow-colored parties are always in vogue, a trip to your local party store should provide ample decorations.

Rainbow shower decorations
These decorations will help establish your rainbow shower:

Games for a rainbow shower
Rainbow colors can be woven into the following games:

A rainbow-inspired gift giving idea
Assign guests a different colors and encourage them to find a baby item or gift wrap in that hue.

A perfect rainbow-themed cake
Create a rainbow cake with cloud colored frosting. There's no better match between a theme and cake!

A similar theme
Check out our candyland baby shower theme for more ideas on throwing a multi-colored shower!