Dirty diaper baby shower game

Dirty diaper baby shower game

This may be one of the few times one wishes a baby's diaper is full!

Dirty diaper baby shower game

Greet your guests at the door and give each a small 'baby diaper' pin to wear on their blouse or dress. So far, this is pretty cute idea... isn't it?

At a later point during your shower, have each guest unpin their diaper and open them. One of the diapers will be filled with a colored 'poo treat.' But your this is a good thing for the unsuspecting guest, for her poo-filled diaper makes her a winner in the dirty diaper baby shower game!

Making the dirty diapers
Create your diapers from folded paper or cloth. Dob a small bit of melted chocolate in your 'winning diaper.' Or color one with a brown or yellow felt tip marker. Randomly distribute one diaper per guest when they arrive at the shower.

Suggested 'dirty diaper' prizes
Give the winner a gourmet candy bar, of course!

'Don't say baby' variation
Mix up the don't say baby game by substituting your diapers with clothespins. Catch others saying 'baby' will increase your chances of winning!

The multiple winner variation
If there are many guests at your shower, consider having multiple winning diapers. Winners could receive the same prize, or their could be prizes worth different amounts.

An optional name tag
The dirty diapers also make a great name tag for the showers with a varied guest list. But don't proactively write the names of guests on the diapers or you'll accidentally rig who wins!

Drawbacks of the 'Dirty Diaper Baby Shower Game'
Unfortunately, any classic baby shower game also runs the risk of being overused. This may be one of those games. If worried about this, opt for an unconventional game or activity such as the baby shower puppet show or any of the other baby shower games.