The Cat in the Hat baby shower

The Cat in the Hat baby shower

This 'Cat in the Hat' baby shower theme is Dr. Seuss inspired party that brings guests back to their childhood.

The Cat in the Hat baby shower

Dr. Seuss baby shower themes are well loved, but perhaps no more than 'The Cat in the Hat.' Live out this favorite children's tale for your shower.

The 'Cat in the Hat' book will give you ample fodder for decorating your party. The book includes a cat, a hat, Thing 1, Thing 2, a goldfish, a rainy day and two unattended children. That's a lot of decorating ideas to work with!

'Cat in the Hat' game ideas
Our list of baby shower games has tons of ideas. Here's some worth considering:

Great 'Cat in the Hat' decorating ideas
Our decorating and ideas are loaded with ideas like these:

  • Select a palette with red and white, accented in a rainy-day blue.
  • Cover windows with paper with 'cartoon rainy day' sketched.
  • Baby shower hat idea - If your emphasis is on hats, have your guests dressed for the occasion!
  • Themed serving dishes - Include a round gold fish bowl or two.
  • Baby shower message boards - Include passages from 'Cat in the Hat.'

The perfect 'Cat in the Hat' cake
Few shower themes have a more fitting baby shower cake than this one. The mad hatter cake will be a perfect fit!